You better watch out!  There’s no time to pout.

The holiday season has arrived,

and the Christmas Fungus has a surprise.

Fungiclause is his name.  Helping inspectors is his game.

He needs no reindeer or bright red sleigh.

He floats on air currents all the way.

Bundled in spores, protected by chitin,

stronger than mold, tougher than lichen.

There’s just no stopping his Christmas tour.

He’s on a mission to every inspectors’ door.

You may be tempted to listen for a knock,

for he was born with a stipe that some call a stalk.

Quite hairy and a little green,

his temperament is merry, claim all who have seen.

Its well known, without a doubt,

that he is much smarter than stout.

He needs no door or chimney to get in.

His methods are more elusive.

From basements and crawlspaces he bounds.

Through attics, down air ducts he glides.

No wall joist can block him, no caulking can stop him.

His mission is set!

Wonder what you’ll get?