mars_earth viewThe U.S.A. has started the race to place the first human foot on mars.  We will push new frontiers in technology to influence all sectors of the economy for the better.  Its a game changer, and that is how I feel about indoor air quality.  Our homes are our castles.  We protect ourselves from all sorts of dangers in our homes: fire, flood, theft etc, with technology.  We need game changing technology to vastly improve detection of the invisible hazards (mold, VOCs, bacteria, virus, fibers etc).  That is exactly what Assured Bio Labs is out to achieve.  Through cooperation with industry, government, academia, and most importantly, through our clients, we aim to advance indoor air quality into a state-of-the-art science industry.  We are developing novel field methods, lab tests, reports and on-site diagnostic tools for our clients to deploy.  Our goal, whether you are a home owner or an industry vp, is to deliver reliable results that function as a road map to tackle and mitigate contamination.  Our clients deserve functional answers, and we deliver top-shelf quality and service.  Come along with us on this journey.  Together we can gain knowledge to discover solutions.