gibbsJA_2015Entrepreneurship is my passion, and I had the opportunity to share my experiences with aspiring business students at Gibbs high school in Corryton, TN.  I volunteered to teach the Junior Achievement course entitled:  JA Be Entrepreneurial.  The course ran seven sessions, but I added an eighth, pizza party, session for the students courtesy of Assured Bio Labs.  They deserved it!  Ms. LeeAnne Kepper worked with me in her classroom to ensure that her students received the maximum impact from each session.  We guided the students through the process of identifying something they enjoyed, like off road mudding, hair dressing, baking, computers etc. and transforming that passion into a business model.  They had to present and refine ideas.  Needless to say we all had a great time, and learned much about the possibilities of starting a business.

I would like to thank Greg Adkins, from Girl on the Roof.  Greg is a professional website and internet SEO guru.  He volunteered to present on websites and SEO.  He did a wonderful job of explaining the importance of the internet and websites when starting a company.

In summary, the youth today are excited about the future.  They want to participate to improve society and reap the benefits.  I encourage my fellow professionals to volunteer with youth business organizations like Junior Achievement.  It is time well spent.  Many of you are small business owners.  You know how hard it is to become successful in business, and are grateful for the help from peers and mentors.  It’s worth the effort to give back.

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