Microbes don’t give a hoot whether global warming is a natural cycle or human induced. They like it hot.  They respond with increased virulence and more frequent outbreaks. In a way its like the basic chemistry of boiling water. The more heat you add to a pot of water, the faster the water molecules move around, until they eventually boil in a frenzy. Increase the earth’s temperature and the microbes grow faster and mutate quicker. A scary scenario indeed. I would rather not encounter a frenzy of microbes, and if I do, I’d like to have a good arsenal to fight back with.  That is something microbiologist need to work on.  I’m working on nanotech with my colleagues at Oak Ridge National Labs to keep nasty microbes in check.  I’ll discuss that technology at some later date.  For now this Popular Science article on Salmonella is a good read.  WARMER TEMPERATURES COULD MEAN MORE SALMONELLA OUTBREAKS


The pink rods are Salmonella bacteria.