Angela Hu

Hello, I am Angela your Social Media Contact.

Hello Inspectors and Clients.  We try not to swamp you with too many e-mails.  But I do have a lot of microbe related info to share at your convenience.  Our other social outlets for news and daily happenings help keep subscribers up to date with hottest, trending mold and microbial issues.  The links are below.

I want to hear from you too.  What do you want to know about?  Any specific topics?  Do you have stories to share?  Do you have mold or microbial photos from some of your investigations for the world to see?  Let me know in an e-mail to  The more experience and interaction I have with subscribers on social media, the more enriching my internship experience will be.   You can also help by posting to any of our forums.  Just click the links below to follow Assured Bio Labs on your favorite social media venue and post away.

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