We are proud to announce that our infection protection spray is officially FDA approved for use by the public market.

The idea for the spray kits started when our Lab President, Dr. Edward Sobek, provided our staff with spray bottles filled with 80% ethanol during the beginning stage of the pandemic. Our staff gained a lot of use from them when filling up at gas stations, grocery store visits, going out to eat, etc.

Dr. Sobek wanted to make sure that these sprays were functional for everyday use, so he began bringing holsters into the lab for some of our staff to try out. This made the sprays much easier for our staff to use when handling incoming packages of COVID, bacteria, and mold samples from across the country.

Now thanks to the Assured Bio Team, we are able to provide an FDA approved scented sanitizer with holster available for commercial and residential use.

Since the start of this pandemic, our goal has been to help keep the American workforce safe on the job while they go about their everyday routine. That is why we have added this as one of our environmental health, safety, and wellness products. We hope that the Infection Protection Hand Sanitizer kits will help residential, healthcare, food packaging, and other essential public service providers mitigate their risks of infection during the pandemic.

Clients have the opportunity to customize their own spray package deals or choose between purchasing the Gold or Platinum package deal.

See our Infection Protection Hand Sanitizer Sprays at the link below: