Assured Bio Labs’ enzyme-based mold inhibitor is a fungicide intended to protect people, homes, businesses, and supply chains from unsightly and potentially harmful mold development. In regard to the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency Small Business Innovation Research (DOD-DLA-SBIR) project, we are working to ensure that DOD supply chain workers have healthier environments to work in and ultimately our troops’ food supply is uncompromised.


The mold inhibitor solution is formulated using naturally derived enzymes, plant extracts, and low concentrations of quaternary ammonium compounds as preservatives. The enzymes, which are biologically produced to speed up the rates of reactions, are present in order to degrade the cellular structures of offending fungi. The plant extracts play a supporting role in the stability of the enzymes and the quaternary ammonium compounds ensure that nothing in the formulation becomes a food source for opportunistic microorganisms. The product is initially formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion which is subsequently diluted within an active ingredient specification range determined by USEPA regulation. The resulting solution is simple to apply and effective in both pre-treatment of newly constructed materials and post-treatment of contaminated surfaces.

EPA Label Process

Fungicides produced in the US are regulated by the EPA under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). In order to hold ourselves to the highest standard and protect individuals who come into contact with our product, Assured Bio Labs is in the process of registering our mold inhibitor solution with the EPA. This process includes establishing a manufacturing premises, obtaining ingredients from qualified vendors, providing a confidential statement of formulation, a required 3rd party CGLP (current good laboratory practices) product chemistry study, and creating an approved EPA label. By registering our product as a pesticide with the EPA, Assured Bio Labs will be obligated to maintain production quality standards to ensure we are providing an effective, consistent, and safe product including adequate documentation, record retention, and chemical analysis, as well as annual production reports.


Our Senior Chemist, Dustin Welch, has also been involved with leading our Microbial Product Testing Program so that inventors and entrepreneurs can test the efficacy of their technology.