Assured Bio Labs, LLC is proud to present the Molecular Entrapment Mask Spray. The Molecular Entrapment Mask Spray contains the same patented technology used in our M-TRAP® air sampling cassettes to increase the filter efficacy, all while using a hypoallergenic formula. This technology has been used in COVID ICU’s and has been proven effective in capturing the virus. Whether it be at the workplace, travel abroad, or weekly errands, your protection is your responsibility. Carry peace of mind with you wherever you go with our Molecular Entrapment Mask Spray, ready to wear in minutes.

Most masks on their own are only effective against larger particulates and do not necessarily stop all airborne bacteria or viruses. The Molecular Entrapment Mask Spray is designed with adhesive proteins that capture microbial propagules such as spores, bacterial cells, and viral particles. While the coating dries, it forms thin sheets that protrude into the gaps between the fibers of the mask. The result is a tremendous surface area coverage. When contact occurs, most propagules cannot slip through the mask, and instead become entrapped in the adhesive solution. 

The idea originated from Dr. Sobek’s frustrations with the poor capture rate of the most common air sampling tool, inertial impaction spore traps. When an individual takes the time and resources to test a building for air quality, the primary concern is the health of those inside. When the sampling method is poor, the information is inaccurate. Subsequently, measures taken to protect employees and homeowners may be in vain, or ineffective.  The solution we created is the Assured Bio Lab’s M-TRAPⓇ air sampling cassette, utilizing our patented molecular entrapment solution. In a study that included 31 locations, comprised of both commercial and residential properties, molecular entrapment showed a 95% increase in capture efficiency over inertial impaction. The molecular entrapment solution has proven to be very versatile within the indoor air quality industry as well. Using the solution, we created an air filtration coating, the Mold Magnet HVAC and Furnace Filter Enhancer, that improved the quality of air and showed an increased capture rate of 1000% vs untreated filters. Nano-sized particles (virus-sized) were effectively captured in standard filters typically rated for particles of 10 microns or greater when treated with Mold Magnet. 

The Molecular Entrapment Mask Spray comes in a 75mL spray bottle with a 30-day supply, or 30 masks worth, when applied once for every 8 hours of use. Bottles should be stored at room temperature or colder, but not below freezing. A treated mask will remain effective in proper storage conditions and should only require re-application after 8 hours of use. Only while being exposed to the constant heat and moisture of respiration, or prolonged exposure at high temperatures (in a car on a hot summer day), does the spray begin to lose efficacy. 


Disposable & Reusable masks without inserts-

  1. Place the mask on a flat surface with the outside facing up.
  2. Hold the bottle 6 inches from the mask and spray in a sweeping motion across the mask until full coverage is achieved.
  3. Air dry for 15 minutes.  
  4. Ready to wear.


 Reusable masks with inserts-

  1. Place the mask insert on a flat surface.
  2. Hold the bottle 6 inches from the mask insert and spray in a sweeping motion across the mask insert until full coverage is achieved.
  3. Flip the mask insert over and repeat step 2.
  4. Air dry for 20 minutes.
  5. Ready to wear.

Reusable masks should be cleaned after every 24 hours of use with soap and water. Toss them in the washer and dryer with a load of towels to save time. For best results, do not clean your masks alongside other garments with high levels of dirt and other debris such as pants and jackets.

In the era of COVID-19, protecting yourself has never been more important. With new strains of the virus identified by the CDC, such as the U.K. variant B.1.1.7 and South African variant B.1.351 already appearing here in the states, the risk has never been higher. As reported by the CDC, these mutations have been shown to spread more easily and quickly. The best protection is isolation, but in manufacturing facilities, food industries, and hospitals isolation is not feasible. The only protection readily available are masks and other standard PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The Molecular Entrapment Mask Spray technology significantly increases filtration, creating a safer environment for workers and clients. At Assured Bio, our mission is to protect the air that we breath in our homes and businesses. Do the most for your health by taking advantage of molecular entrapment and avoid those triple masks.

Disclaimer: Carefully follow the included instructions. Ensure that your solution has completely dried on your mask before wearing.This solution is not meant for use with N95 masks. Do not spray solution on your mask while it is being worn. Do not consume or spray directly on skin. If you experience any irritation, stop use immediately.  This product will not take the place of precautions that prevent the transmission of pathogenic microbes including virus.  It does mitigate the need to comply with applicable guidelines issued by local, state, and federal mandates or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  


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