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Assured Bio Labs is an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory for testing mold, bacteria, and viruses using traditional microscopic and DNA-based (MSQPCR) analysis and is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Assured Bio Labs processes and interprets samples from homes, office buildings, schools, hospitals, micro-sensitive manufacturing facilities, and other buildings.

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Product Testing Program

Assured Bio Labs is the premier product testing lab for all of your microbial testing needs.


The HYDRO-FOG® is a commercial grade, disinfectant fogging machine capable of utilizing all water-based, FDA–registered and approved-for-fogging cleaners.


The WhisperCare® is a continuous air monitoring system designed to test facilities for mold, bacteria and viruses using DNA & RNA analysis.


The M-TRAP® is a unique air sampling cassette developed specifically for the rapid capture and analysis of airborne fungi, bacteria, and viruses using state-of-the-art DNA & RNA analysis.


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