Our monthly newsletters aim to educate and stimulate critical thinking about popular topics in Indoor Air Quality, mold testing, and DNA diagnostics. We hope you enjoy them.

May, 2014

The May newsletter sheds light on surface samples. The advantages and disadvantages of swabs, tape lifts, and bulk samples are explored. The significance of the chain of custody is discussed to ensure field documentation is litigation proof.

March, 2014

The focus in March is air sampling. The scientists of Assured Bio discuss historical sampling techniques, modern sampling methods, and the significance of controls.

January, 2014

In January, Assured Bio takes a look at other potential water hazards in the final edition of a three part series.

November, 2013

During the month of November, the Assured Bio lab technicians discuss Legionella. The importance of testing, the life cycle of the bacterium, and Legionnaire’s disease are the topics in this second installation of the water series.

September, 2013

The September 2013 Newsletter is the first of a three part series on water. Coliform bacteria, along with E. coli are discussed. A protocol for water sample collection is also outlined.

September, 2009

Dr. Sobek discusses ways in which to field test for Chinese Drywall while Lyn Pope writes a discussion on Allergens. Merissa McGraw explains “ERMI” score calculations and Matthew Dinse discusses some sales tips.

August, 2009

Brad Russell discuses the collecting money, Dr. Sobek talks about mold in basements, and Lyn Pope provides information on coliforms.

July, 2009

Brad Russell discuses the state of Chinese drywall, Dr. Sobek discusses analytical methods for Chinese drywall, and Lyn Pope provides part 3 of The Kingdom of Fungi.

June, 2009

Brad Russell discuses the state of Chinese drywall, Dr. Sobek discusses analytical methods for Chinese drywall, and Lyn Pope provides part 2 of The Kingdom of Fungi.

May, 2009

Merissa McGraw discusses a new Master Mix, Brad Russell discusses cash flow management, and Lyn Pope provides part 1 of The Kingdom of Fungi.

April, 2009

Dr. Sobek discusses Chinese Drywall, Brad Russell talks about the 80/20 Rule, and Lyn Pope provides an educational piece on fungal taxa inspectors deal with daily.

March, 2009

Dr. Sobek discusses IAQA 2009, which is in Fort Worth, TX. Brad Russell discusses growing your business in a down economy and Lyn Pope discusses how proper sample submission increases analysis accuracy.

January, 2009

Dr. Sobek discusses Coliform testing, Merissa McGraw discusses integrity of dust samples and Lyn Pope provides insight on fungal structural growth determination in direct examination.

December, 2008

Laboratory automation using robots is discussed and Lyn Pope talks about sample volume in spore traps.

November, 2008

Dr. Sobek writes about interpretive extrapolation of spore traps and Lyn Pope discusses the trace, which is the area of air impaction located inside a spore trap that can be used to determine the quality of indoor air.