Assured Bio Labs, LLC has launched a COVID-19 Environmental Testing Program for commercial, manufacturing and public facilities. This program is designed to test air and surface samples for the SARSCoVRNA in order to assure the safety of America’s workforce as they return to their everyday lives (environmental testing for Influenza A & B is now available as an add on). For clients that want to continuously monitor critical locations in their facilities for COVID-19 we recommend our new WhisperCare® Continuous Air Monitoring System. Our goal is to help give your customers and staff peace of mind during this time of transition.

With the use of ultra high resolution RNA detection, we are able to provide quantified COVID-19 & Influenza results  all while offering rapid turnaround times up to 48-72 business hours upon arrival to our lab.

For Essential Businesses:

1.) Contact us to determine the testing needs for your organization.

2.) Receive your testing kits and watch the instructional sampling video to safely and effectively sample your workplace.

3.) Submit your samples by shipping overnight with icepacks in an insulated container.

4.) Review your results and notify your staff of the complete findings listed on Assured Bio’s COVID-19 lab report. We provide support with report interpretation and suggestions to improve your COVID-19 control policies and procedures.

For Businesses preparing for Re-Entry of their workforce:

1.) Contact us to determine re-entry testing needs. In general, companies complete the cleaning process in your facility before collecting COVID-19 samples. If the facility has been unoccupied longer than 10 days, COVID-19 testing is not necessary before the first cleaning.

2.) Receive your testing kit and watch the instructional video to safely complete sampling in your workplace.

3.) Submit your samples by shipping overnight with icepacks in an insulated container.

4.) Review your results and notify your staff of the complete findings listed on Assured Bio’s COVID-19 lab report.

5.) Invite your customers and staff back to a safe and fully functioning work environment.

Pooled & Single Site Composite Sampling:

Assured Bio allows inspectors to collect both single site and pooled composite for air & surface samples.

Single-Site Sampling – sample up to 5 surfaces or air sources in 1 location with 1 swab or air sampling cassette.

Pooled Composite Sampling – Combine up to 5 single-site samples for a composite of up to 25 total surfaces or air sources. If a pooled sample result is positive, we have the ability to analyze the individual samples to pinpoint the source of contamination at an additional cost.

NOTE: Both air & surface samples can be pooled together.

Click to download our pdf document to see examples of Pooled & Singe-Site Composite Sampling


When collecting samples for SARS-CoV-2 surface testing, it is important to swab areas that are commonly and regularly touched or contacted by an occupant as they go about daily life. These areas are known as touch points.

Touch point surfaces may include:


Assured Bio offers a multitude of options when it comes to collecting air samples for SARS-CoV-2. Our patented M-TRAP® air sampling cassette collects samples that can be analyzed for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Our M-TRAP®s can be used in conjunction with our WhisperCare® continuous air monitoring system to heighten the detailed results of your facility’s air quality.

Influenza Analysis 

With the Flu season adding more confusion and uncertainty to the ongoing pandemic, Assured Bio is aiming to provide clarity with our Influenza environmental testing add on. Our influenza air and surface test provide quantitative results within 48-72-once arrived at our lab.

If interested in only Influenza analysis, please state so in the sign-up form below.

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Please contact Assured Bio before submitting your COVID-19 samples. Our lab will provide the chain of custody form and sampling protocol. Be sure to carefully read our sampling protocol prior to collecting your sample. This will help increase the accuracy of your results and help maintain the safety of you and our staff.


Learn how to collect COVID-19 air samples using the WhisperCare®

Submission Form:

Contact us about our COVID-19 surface and air testing prices. You can also stay up-to-date on COVID-19 by receiving notifications regarding our COVID-19 Environmental Testing Program. Complete this form or call toll-free at 1-866-547-1727.

Assured Bio’s COVID-19 test is only available to commercial and industrial facilities. We are NOT providing residential COVID-19 testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon do I need to send in samples for SARS-CoV-2?
    • Viral samples are very time sensitive. The faster they get to our lab, the more accurate your results will be. We recommend all inspectors send in viral samples via FedEx overnight.
  • What is the difference between this test and the Pre-Post cleaning efficacy test?
    • Our COVID-19 Testing Program is designed to test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Influenza add-on is now available). Our Pre-Post cleaning efficacy test quantifies universal bacteria and compares the before and after results of your cleaning in order to judge the efficacy of the service.
  • Is the M-TRAP® air sampling cassette compatible with pumps other than the WhisperCare®?
    • The M-TRAP® air sampling cassettes allows inspectors to collect samples from any pump with a ½ tubing commonly used with air sampling pumps that are currently on the market. Adapters are also available for the Zefon Bio-Pump and the Buck BioAire Pump. The WhisperCare® is used when collecting samples for longer periods of time.
  • Can I only collect SARS-CoV-2 air samples using the WhisperCare®?
    • The WhisperCare® can be used to collect air samples for mold, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Do I have to collect an extra sample when testing for influenza or other organisms?
    • The M-TRAP® air sampling cassettes allow you to analyze multiple virus testing panels using one cassette. If testing for bacteria and/or fungi, a second M-TRAP® air sampling cassette will need to be used. The WhisperCare® has two sampling ports, allowing two samples to be pulled simultaneously. Testing for virus samples must be used with the red striped M-TRAP® or with a sterile swab and must be shipped in a temperature-controlled container on ice packs.
  • When would I use SARS-CoV-2 surface testing vs. air testing?
    • You should use surface testing when you are looking to detect the virus on surfaces and use air testing when attempting to detect the virus in the air. Both can be used in conjunction with each other for the most thorough approach to monitoring for the COVID-19 causing virus.



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