Positive Tests: 30

Highest Concentration: 52,090 GE


Positive Tests: 228

Highest Concentration: 8,862 GE



COVID-19 Test Result Database

The information below reflects samples which have been analyzed by Assured Bio Labs, LLC and found to be positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Database Terminology

Sample TypeFacility TypeLocationConcentration
M-TRAPM-TRAPComposite26 GE
M-TRAPM-TRAPComposite107 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite8 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite71 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite55 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite44 GE
M-TRAPHospitalSouth Wing8 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite42 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite35 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite176 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite30 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite11 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite1120 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite64 GE
M-TRAPHospitalMultiple Patient Rooms8862 GE
SwabHospitalDoor Knobs/Light Switches; Bedrails/Remote; Sink/Toilet Rails49 GE
SwabHospitalDoor Knobs/Light Switches; Bedrails/Remote; Sink/Toilet Rails71 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity60 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity32 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity985 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity232 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity1,200 GE
SwabSchoolUniversity22 GE
SwabSchoolUniversity365 GE
SwabSchoolUniversity141 GE
SwabSchoolUniversity63 GE
SwabSchoolUniversity34 GE
SwabSchoolUniversity37 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity8 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity117 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity484 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity1,174 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity2,262 GE
M-TRAPSchool University355 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity8,238 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity1,646 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity1,068 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity 2,247 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity908 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity2,944 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity100 GE
M-TRAP SchoolUniversity414 GE
M-TRAP SchoolUniversity114 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity75 GE
M-TRAP SchoolUniversity265 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity156 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity74 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity731 GE
M-TRAPSchool University183 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity406 GE
M-TRAPSchool University310 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity59 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity30 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity42 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity230 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity138 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity11 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity26 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity76 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity72 GE
SwabHospitalDoor Knob218 GE
SwabHospitalDoor Knob11 GE
M-TRAPSchoolCafeteria218 GE
SwabSchoolCafeteria197 GE
SwabSchoolCafeteria52,090 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity82 GE
M-TRAPCare FacilityResident Room173 GE
M-TRAPCare FacilityResident Room29 GE
M-TRAPResidentialLiving Room109 GE
M-TRAP ResidentialFood Pantry127 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity395 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity3,510 GE
M-TRAPSchoolUniversity2,000 GE
M-TRAPCare FacilityResident Room2,607 GE
M-TRAPCare Facility Resident Room1,143 GE
M-TRAPCare FacilityResident Room2,044 GE
M-TRAPSchoolMiddle School214 GE
M-TRAPSchoolMiddle School53 GE
M-TRAPSchool High School15 GE
M-TRAPSchoolHigh School31 GE
M-TRAPSchoolHigh School28 GE
M-TRAPSchool High School8 GE
M-TRAP SchoolHigh School51 GE
M-TRAPSchool Middle School105 GE
M-TRAPSchoolMiddle School174 GE
M-TRAPSchool High School212 GE
M-TRAP SchoolHigh School214 GE
M-TRAPSchool High School310 GE
M-TRAP SchoolMiddle School107 GE
M-TRAPSchoolHigh School8 GE
M-TRAPSchoolMiddle School80 GE
M-TRAPSchoolHigh School50 GE
M-TRAPSchoolMiddle School80 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU17 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU123 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU1,054 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU86 GE
M-TRAPSchoolHigh School8 GE
M-TRAPSchoolMiddle School107 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU504 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU160 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU444 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU138 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU4,000 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU22 GE
M-TRAPSchoolMiddle School79 GE
M-TRAPSchoolHigh School380 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite25 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite282 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite494 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite30 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite79 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite22 GE
M-TRAPHospitalComposite48 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU11 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU11 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU11 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU11 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU696 GE
SwabHospitalICU11 GEU
M-TRAPHospitalPavilion East Oncology 42 GE
M-TRAPSchoolCafeteria, Choir/Band Room, Bottom Floor, Top Floor, and Corridor.15 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU151 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU39 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU3600 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU417 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU125 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU1079 GE
SwabGrocery StoreApple11 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU11 GE
M-TRAPHospitalRoom 5 West Building 64 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU766 GE
M-TRAPHospitalICU579 GE
M-TRAP HospitalICU2736.39 GE
M-TRAP HospitalICU2452.23 GE
M-TRAP HospitalICU3116.43 GE
M-TRAP HospitalICU5032.03 GE
M-TRAP HospitalICU1751 GE
SwabHospitalPatient Room Swab Composite - Door Knobs/Light Switches;
Bedrails/Remote; Sink/Toilet Rails
2183 GE
SwabHopsitalPatient Room - Bed Rails & Remote; Light Switches & Door Handles; Floor; Sink & Toilet Rails22 GE
SwabHospitalPatient Room - Bed Rails & Remote/Phone; Light Switches & Door Handles; Floor; Sink & Shower; Toilet Rails
121 GE
M-TRAP (150 L)HospitalCorridor South236 GE
HospitalPatient Room - Bed Rails & TV Remotes; Light Switches & Door Handles; Floor; Sink368 GE
HospitalPatient Room - Bed Rails & TV Remotes; Light Switches & Door Handles; Floor; Sink54 GE
HospitalPatient Room - Bed Rails & TV Remotes; Light Switches & Door Handles; Floor; Sink151 GE
HospitalNurses Station - Sink & Fridge Handle; Keyboards; Floor216 GE
M-TRAP (150 L)HospitalNorth Corridor143 GE
M-TRAP (150 L)HospitalSouth Corridor237 GE
HospitalNurses Station - Keyboard & Mouse & Phone; Floor; Light Switches & Sink; Cabinet & Drawer Handles18 GE
HospitalPatient Room - Bed Rails & TV Remotes32 GE
SwabHospitalPatient Room - Bed Rails & TV Remote; Light Switches & Door Handles; Floor; Sink & Shower93 GE
HospitalKeyboards73 GE
HospitalEMU - Floor1,730 GE
HospitalPatient Room - Floor55 GE
HospitalPatient Room - Bed Railing256 GE
HospitalPatient Room - Entrance Door Knob11 GE



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