Salmonella Pet Test – Oral Cavity Swab


The alarming rate of pet transmissible salmonella requires a test for pet owners.  We offer an oral cavity salmonella test for pet owners. All you have to do is swab your pets mouth and you will get your results in 1 business week.

Please note the following mandatory guidelines before collecting the swab sample:

Your pet cannot eat or have chew toys 8 hours before swabbing.

Your pet needs fresh water, but cannot drink for at least 2 hours before collecting the swab.

Procedure:  swab inside your pet’s cheeks, gum line, tongue and roof of mouth. A simple Chain of Custody form is also needed to be filled out which is sent along with the sample.

Here is a testimonial from one of happy customers:

I got worried when I heard that pets can carry salmonella in their mouth, so I found a laboratory to test my black lab Abby.  She is two years old and so sweet, but she loves to lick, and I have a toddler at home.  I found a great company in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  I told a technician at Assured Bio Labs that I wanted to test Abby for salmonella.  He sent me a swab and told me to swab inside her cheeks, gum line, tongue and roof of mouth for a good sample. Abby was playful, but it was easy to collect the sample. There was some paperwork that I had to fill out for the lab, but the hard part was not letting Abby eat for 8 hours before I swabbed her mouth. I also sent some of Abby’s dog food to the lab along with the swab. Within a week they e-mailed the report.  I’m happy to say that Abby is safe and so is her kibble!!!

–Sandy Lawlord


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