Life Cycle of Indoor Mold

Molds growing indoor have the ability to reproduce and colonize building materials as long as moisture is present. When conditions change and the moisture is removed, most residual spores become dormant. The length of time that spore can remain dormant depends on the species and the environment. Ultraviolet light and high temperatures limit the survival […]

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Winter Mold

Winter has arrived.  It’s cold outside.  Crank up the heat.  Warm yourself over the heat register and fill your lungs with a hundred thousand mold spores, that is, if mold is growing in your air ducts.  If not, get nice and toasty and enjoy.  But if your eyes start to itch or your nose starts […]

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The Christmas Fungus

You better watch out!  There’s no time to pout. The holiday season has arrived, and the Christmas Fungus has a surprise. Fungiclause is his name.  Helping inspectors is his game. He needs no reindeer or bright red sleigh. He floats on air currents all the way. Bundled in spores, protected by chitin, stronger than mold, […]

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