When should I test my home for mold?

There are several scenarios where you should test your home for mold.

1. When purchasing a home. Most people have mold tests performed with home inspections, but know little about it. DNA mold testing will find hidden problems all other tests miss and are often cheaper too.

2. Your home had water damage, or a water intrusion event, and had remediation. Testing can verify that remediation is complete and the building is back to normal.

3. You feel ill in your home. Mold-based indoor air quality testing can determine the ‘moldiness’ of your home and indicate whether mold may be the problem.

4. You want to monitor your home and detect issues before they become a major problem. Quarterly testing is recommended and very economical with our DIY mold test.

The best way to ensure that your home is safe from hazardous mold species is quarterly testing using EPA DNA detection technology and AssuredBio’s Clean Air Index.

Comparison Chart of Mold Testing Methods