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Our goal is to detect Legionella bacteria at the source swiftly, empowering our clients to implement corrective actions to ensure occupants and the public are safe from infection.

What is Legionella, and how does it effect you?

Legionella is a genus of pathogenic Gram-negative aerobic bacteria of the family Legionellaceae. Generally harmless, Legionella are found naturally in water and soil. However, when growing in water systems, cooling towers or HVAC systems, it becomes a potentially lethal human hazard. Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac Fever are bacterial respiratory infections commonly referred to as Legionellosis, most often caused by L.pneumophila, a species of Legionella.

Partnering for Your Success

Assured Bio is dedicated to assisting facilities in optimizing their water management plans, ensuring compliance with Legionella regulations and guidelines. Our tailored approach provides comprehensive support through the following key elements:

Facilities conducting Legionella testing with Assured Bio receive complimentary water management plans, easing the burden on their resources.

Each water management plan is tailored to the specific needs and characteristics  of the facility, addressing unique challenges and potential risks.
Our plans are designed in strict accordance with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations, providing facilities with a roadmap to compliance.
Assured Bio Labs offers in-depth knowledge of Legionella regulations, clarifying any confusion and ensuring facility staff understand and implement the required protocols.
We work closely with facilities, fostering a collaborative partnership to address concerns, provide guidance, and swiftly resolve issues identified through vigilant testing.

Emphasizing preventative testing, we help facilities minimize risks to building occupants and the public, saving costs associated with potential litigation and healthcare expenses.

Assured Bio Labs, led by Dr. Sobek, a microbial contamination specialist, ensures that facilities receive the highest quality service backed by cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

Our team is certified in the CDC ELITE method, ensuring that testing procedures adhere to the highest standards endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Over the past four years, University Hospitals has been working with Assured Bio on numerous projects. We can say that we have been satisfied with the high quality of work that is provided by your team. Your team has provided guidance on sampling protocols and interpretation of results for both mold spores as well as Legionella. Evaluating building water systems can be a monumental task. Your assistance with designing a sampling strategy and collection methods has been professional, effective and greatly appreciated.
Melissa J. Braskie, University Hospitals
In reference to Dr. Edward Sobek and the Assured Bio team and on behalf of Joy Global Duffield, I would like to convey my highest regards. When my Joy Global Duffield Team was in need of prompt, professional and high quality services, the Assured Bio team responded with high marks.
Michael A. Sears, Joy Global
Your lab has become a valuable member of the EBS, LLC team thanks to the professionalism and timely response from you and your entire staff. Assured Bio’s attention to detail, prompt responses and flexibility accommodate those constantly changing objectives. Please convey to your team our gratitude for their continued hard work. We appreciate their
dedication and would recommend you for any type of work that you perform.
John Leitner, Environmental Building Solutions