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At Assured Bio, we offer precise bacterial testing services, utilizing advanced methods to detect and quantify contaminants. From healthcare to manufacturing, our solutions ensure the safety and integrity of diverse environments.

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Bacterial viability testing provides a direct assessment of live microorganisms, distinguishing between active and inactive bacteria, offering insights into real-time environmental conditions.
Viability testing identifies live bacteria, allowing for the immediate recognition of active threats in healthcare or controlled environments, aiding in swift response measures.
Unlike DNA-based testing, viability testing offers quantitative precision by assessing the actual number of live bacteria, providing a more nuanced understanding of microbial load.
Bacterial viability testing enables real-time monitoring, offering continuous insights into the dynamic nature of microbial populations, crucial for time-sensitive applications such as infection control.
Viability testing not only detects the presence of bacteria but also assesses their functionality, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the actual impact of microorganisms in specific environments.
DNA testing can detect bacterial DNA at low concentrations, providing a highly sensitive method for identifying even small amounts of bacteria in various samples.
DNA-based testing allows for precise identification of bacterial species, offering detailed insights into the microbial composition without relying on the viability of the organisms.
Molecular-based analyses can provide quantitative data on the amount of bacteria present, offering a more nuanced understanding of the contamination level.
DNA testing enables the simultaneous detection of multiple bacterial species in a single test, allowing for a broad and comprehensive analysis of microbial diversity.
DNA testing can detect the presence of bacterial DNA before traditional methods might identify live bacteria, enabling early detection and intervention in potential contamination scenarios.