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Coliforms are a broad classification of a group of bacteria found in the environment. They are generally related to fecal waste in mammals for example E. coli. Qualitative and quantitative results are available. These analyses utilize a chromogenic culture broth that guarantees the rapid growth of coliforms. In addition, the culture medium contains an E. coli specific fluorescent substrate that glows blue when exposed to UV light. Results are reported as a Presence or Absence of Coliforms and E. coli. Quantification of each is available utilizing the most probable number (MPN) method.

Best Uses

This analysis is best used when black water damage is suspected, from flooding, or sewage backup, in health care facilities where the environment directly impacts patient health, when the potable nature of well water is in question —all wells should be tested annually for the presence of coliforms, or fecal contamination is suspected indoors due to pests such as mice, rats, birds, bats, or pets.

Key Coliform Facts

  • Samples Must be Shipped to the Lab Overnight to Ensure Viability is Preserved
  • 24-48 Hour Turnaround: Based on How Long Sample Must be Incubated to Grow
  • Phone Consultation with Results

Sample Collection

Swab Samples can be collected by swabbing a measurable area (such as one square inch) with the sterile swab and recording the area swabbed on the chain of custody.

Bulk materials such as carpeting may be sent into the laboratory and analyzed for viable bacteria. Simply place a suspected contaminated bulk material in a zippered baggy and send it to the laboratory. The analyst will take it from there.

Air sampling requires an air pump, plate medium and Andersen impaction stainless steel plates. Air is pulled onto the sterile plate medium and the plate is sent back to the laboratory for incubation and analysis. Differential media may be ordered to help pinpoint certain bacteria in question. Please call the laboratory for more information on this collection method.

Water Samples may also be sent in for Bacterial ViaScan analysis. Simply fill up a 250 ml sterile polypropylene bottle with water from a source in question and ship the sample overnight to the laboratory for analysis.

Keep in mind to keep all viable samples chilled to ensure viability is preserved. Samples should be sent overnight to the laboratory for analysis. Never ship a sample if it will not arrive the next day such as over the weekend.