Bacterial Analysis by Viable Cultures

At Assured Bio, we offer precise bacterial testing services, utilizing advanced methods to detect and quantify contaminants. From healthcare to manufacturing, our solutions ensure the safety and integrity of diverse environments.

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What is a Bacterial ViaScan?

A ViaScan is capable of identifying living bacteria and can be applied to swab, bulk, air, or water samples in various settings including residential, commercial, and healthcare spaces. ViaScan proves invaluable in post-treatment evaluations, assessing the viability of residual bacteria and gauging the potential for regrowth in treated environments.

Samples must be shipped to the lab overnight to ensure viability is preserved

DNA based species identification is available for an additional charge

7-14 Day Turnaround based on the time required for sample incubation

Collecting ViaScan Samples


Air sampling requires an air pump, plate medium and Andersen impaction stainless steel plates. Air is pulled onto the sterile plate medium and the plate is shipped to the laboratory for incubation and analysis. Differential media may be ordered to help pinpoint certain bacteria in question.

Swab Samples

Swab by touching a suspected bacterial growth with a sterile swab. Another method is by swabbing a measurable area (such as a one-square inch section) with the sterile swab. Then record the area swabbed on the chain of custody.


Materials such as carpeting may be sent into the laboratory and analyzed for viable bacteria. Simply place a suspected contaminated bulk material in a zippered bag and send it to the laboratory.

Water Samples

Simply fill up a 250 ml sterile polypropylene bottle with water from the source in question and ship the sample overnight to the laboratory for analysis. Ensure containers are dry, water tight and packaged with appropriate insulation.

Analysis Pricing

Analysis Type Price (USD)
Heterotrophic Plate Count (Total Colony Count) $40
Species Identification of the Most Prominent Two Isolates $100