The Big 2 Mold Test Kit

Tests for Stachybotrys (commonly called Black Mold or Toxic Mold) and Aspergillus/Penicillium molds

The best value in consumer mold testing – bar none. For the first time, DNA diagnostics are available to everyone through our state-of-the-art mold detection kit (includes a mold capture system). The Big 2 Mold Test Kit is easy, fast, and DNA certified. This test identifies molds that are highly correlated with water damage, high moisture levels, and toxic molds. Sampling is easy – simply select a room, find some undisturbed dust, and swab it. Then place the samples in an envelope and drop in the mailbox. Once received by the lab, you will receive an email that includes a detailed report explaining your results. A toll-free hotline connecting you to an expert is included with every kit. The Big 2 Mold Test Kit also includes collection gloves and instructions. NO HIDDEN LAB FEES. Lab testing included with each kit.

The Analysis

We are excited to roll out the Big 2 Analysis as a way to make DNA accuracy affordable to the everyday homeowner and inspector. This analysis uses the same cutting edge MSQPCR technology (Mold Specific Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) as the EPA’s ERMI analysis but at a greatly reduced price. We can do this by focusing in on the two main groups of concern for most common water intrusion, and health concern, molds: Stachybotrys chartarum and Penicillium/Aspergillus* group. Here at Assured Bio Labs, we can detect as few as 1 Stachybotrys and 3 Penicillium/Aspergillus spores. We have been working to develop this new test by combining our Mold Self Test and M-TRAP® to provide this new technology available only at Assured Bio Labs.


Collecting Samples Using Swabs

The Big 2 panel can be easily utilized in a surface swab sample. In collecting a surface swab sample for the Big 2 analysis, the inspector will simply swab locations throughout a home that DO NOT exhibit suspected visible mold growth. These locations, referred to as “dust reservoirs”, are places like behind a television, on top of door & window frames, or anywhere else that might not be regularly cleaned. Areas with dust deposits, or dust reservoirs, are key to the assessment of a current or previous indoor mold issue because for the duration of the mold issue, spores are being archived into the dust. Results rendered from analysis of a composite Big 2 swab can be used to quickly screen a home for previous water intrusion related molds, and also to assess the amount of surface cleaning and HEPA vacuuming needed to eliminate mold spore buildup on contents during a mold remediation.


Collecting Samples Using The M-TRAP®

The Big 2 analysis, paired with the M-TRAP®, can be used to cut costs as it makes collecting reliable composite air samples easy and affordable. We have successfully pulled an M-TRAP® sample outdoors for 24 hours without overloading the sample. This means that you may composite multiple sample locations per M-TRAP®, within a property, for thorough sampling while saving money. The M-TRAP® has been independently validated by CDC NIOSH and is proven to increase spore capture efficiency by 95-99% compared to traditional inertial impact spore trap cassettes (Micro-5®, AllergencoD®, Air-o-Cell®, etc). Subsequently, this eliminates the problem of low capture of Stachybotrys on inertial impact cassettes. With the use of reusable adaptors, our cassette is compatible with most standard IAQ pumps. Sampling is easy; just collect the sample for 10 minutes at 15 L/min in each room and record the number of rooms in order to calculate the total volume collected for documentation on the Chain of Custody. You will receive an easy to read, PDF report outlining the spores per cubic meter of air within 24-72 hours of receipt.

Learn how to collect a surface sample

Check out our YouTube video to learn how to collect a sample.


Learn how to collect an air sample

The M-TRAP® was designed with simplicity in mind. Anyone familiar with the most common air sampling pumps on the market will be able to use it. Check out our YouTube video to learn how to collect a sample.



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