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Mold Analysis by Direct Exam

At Assured Bio, we employ advanced microscopy, culture and molecular analyses to precisely test for mold. Our cutting-edge techniques provide accurate insights into mold presence and contribute to healthier living spaces.

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What is a MoldScan?

A MoldScan is a fungal direct examination utilizing microscopy to detect elevated mold concentrations. MoldScans can either be a quantitative analysis using impaction spore traps for airborne contaminants, or qualitative analysis using swabs, bulk material and tape lifts. To determine whether elevated concentrations are present, a control sample from the outdoors is generally taken at the time of sampling for comparison.

  • 24 Hour Results Monday-Friday
  • Complimentary Overnight Shipping to the Lab for 10 or More Samples
  • Includes Genus Level Identification
  • Inexpensive and Fast Mold Screening

Collecting MoldScan Samples

Spore Traps require a vacuum pump to pull air through the spore trap at a set rate for a certain duration. Each spore trap’s optimal air flow or volume may differ, so it’s crucial to consult the manufacturer’s documentation for recommended sample collection volumes or contact the laboratory with any questions. Keep in mind that adjustments to the volume may be necessary in certain situations, such as wall cavity sampling, to prevent overloading of the sample.

Swabs or Tape Lifts

Sampling surfaces with swabs or tape lifts is a very simple, 3 step process:

  1. Remove the protective shield from the swab or tape lift.
  2. Lightly touch the suspected mold colony with the swab or tape lift.
  3. Replace the protective shield back on the swab or tape lift.