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99.99% Accuracy with DNA Analysis and the best Quality Control standards in the industry.

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The best Turnaround Time in the industry. Same or next day results and shipping for most diagnostics.

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The best service anywhere - from a knowledgable and experienced staff.  We're always ready to help.

Advanced Diagnostics for Indoor Air Quality

AssuredBio is an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory for testing mold, bacteria, and coliforms using traditional microscopic and DNA-based (MSQPCR) analysis and is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. AssuredBio processes and interprets samples from homes, office buildings, schools, hospitals, micro-sensitive manufacturing facilities, and other buildings.

Our clients include CIHs, Health & Safety officers, Indoor Environmental Professionals, Facility and Plant Mangers, Home Inspectors, Infection Control Officers, and Homeowners. AssuredBio is different because of its personalized customer-service approach. A knowledgable staff member is always here to help. Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help with your testing needs.

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Hello Inspectors and Clients.  We try not to swamp you with too many e-mails.  But I do have a lot of microbe related info to share at your convenience.  Our other social outlets for news and daily happenings help keep subscribers up to date with hottest, trending mold and microbial issues.  The links are below. I want to hear from […]

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Joshua Birkebak, PhD. Interview: AIHA Accreditation & Quality Control

Hello all, It’s happy Fun[gi] Friday!  We have strict standards to follow when processing your mold and bacteria samples.  Today we will discuss the Fun in Fungi to maintain exemplary quality control for our wonderful clients! Today Assured Bio’s Lab Manager and Quality Assurance Officer, Joshua Birkebak, Ph.D. (ABD), is here to tell us about AIHA […]

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The Big 2

The best value in DNA mold testing – bar none. For the first time, DNA diagnostics are available to everyone at an affordable price.

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ERMI Analysis

The best mold analysis available. This DNA based method is 99.99% accurate, with single-spore precision, species identification, resistant to confounding variables, and easy to understand.

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