The M-TRAP® is a unique air sampling cassette developed specifically for the rapid capture and analysis of airborne fungi, bacteria, and viruses using state-of-the-art DNA & RNA analysis. It embodies the next generation of capture technology for residential and occupation mold exposure assessment. The M-TRAP® excels where spore trap and agar impaction falls short —spore capture efficiency and turnaround time. The cassette is designed to follow a color-coded system. The blue striped  M-TRAP® are labeled to capture airborne fungi and bacteria. The red striped M-TRAP® are labeled to capture airborne viruses. M-TRAP® may be connected via 1/4” tubing commonly used with air sampling pumps that are currently on the market. It is also compatible with the Buck BioAire Pump and the Zefon Bio-Pump (an adapter is required for use of the Zefon Bio Pump).

In order to submit samples using our red M-TRAP® cassette, all clients must first contact the lab to complete an account form.

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