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Another E.coli outbreak in East Tennessee

      Five hundred and forty eight people reported having gastrointestinal problems after drinking from the water provided by a local zip-lining attraction in Gatlinburg, Tennessee called Climb Works Smoky Mountains. The symptoms that have been reported include: Vomiting, diarrhea, sickness, and tiredness. The Tennessee Department of Health took a sample of the well […]

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This genus of fungi is known as Ulocladium and can commonly be found in the damp/wet areas of your home. Ulocladium has been known to cause hay fever, plant disease, and other serious infections within those who may be immuno-suppressed. This strain of mold is often found growing along with stachybotrys, a strain of mold […]

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E. coli Outbreak in Knox County

A recent outbreak of E. coli has been infecting children in the Knox County area. Sources claim that twelve children have been infected, two of them being close to death. It has been said that “7 were exposed through drinking raw milk, and 5 through an undisclosed source at a daycare” ( We have reason […]

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