Assured Bio Labs is excited to collaborate with GeoAir to bring rapid disease detection to farmers and grower.  The ability to detect plant disease pathogens, and pinpoint the location of early infection in a field crop, such as corn or soybeans, will allow farmers to treat disease hot-spots in a field with pesticides, rather than spraying the whole field, which is the current practice.  The use of GeoAir’s drone technology has the potential to save growers considerable expense on pesticides, while improving yields related to disease loss.  The adoption of pathogen detection drones by the agriculture community may significantly reduce pesticide use in the United States.  Reducing pesticide use improves the environment, especially sensitive waterways and wetlands contaminated by runoff.  Reduction also benefits the health of citizens living in rural areas with intense crop production.  They are exposed to higher pesticide concentrations compared populations inhabiting urban communities.

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