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Annual Healthcare Association Meeting

  Finishing off the Summer right in the capital of country music. Assured Bio Labs returned back to Nashville Tennessee this weekend in honor of the Annual Tennessee Health Care Association Convention. The convention brings together around 700 long‐term care leaders from across Tennessee to present the highest quality and most timely continuing education. Proud owners […]

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This genus of fungi is known as Ulocladium and can commonly be found in the damp/wet areas of your home. Ulocladium has been known to cause hay fever, plant disease, and other serious infections within those who may be immuno-suppressed. This strain of mold is often found growing along with stachybotrys, a strain of mold […]

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A Homeowners Protocol to Treat Well & Spring Water for Coliform Bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium Contamination.

Well and spring water may become contaminated with harmful coliform bacteria and protozoans.  Assured Bio Labs is certified to test well water for contamination.  However, when positive results are reported, homeowners must take action to prevent illness and disease.  There are companies that specialize in treating contaminated natural water supplies.  However, they may not be […]

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