The HYDRO-FOG® From Assured Bio

The HYDRO-FOG® is a commercial grade, disinfectant fogging machine capable of utilizing all water-based, EPA–registered and approved-for-fogging cleaners. With its ultrasonic homogenizers, commonly referred to as “sonicators,” and toggle-enabled heating element, the HYDRO-FOG® provides tremendous versatility and potency. The use of a sonicator rather than the common atomizer gives the HYDRO-FOG® a competitive edge, creating particles of 5 microns or less in size. Compared to atomizer foggers which typically produce particles of around 20 microns in size, the use of sonicators drastically increases surface area coverage. When fogging chemicals such as peroxide, the heating element plays its part by effectively “activating” the peroxide, increasing its potency. The HYDRO-FOG® can be used across the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, healthcare and residential sectors.

Hands ON Application

The HYDRO-FOG® produces a “dry fog” disinfection fog. Dry fog is defined as particles of 15 microns or smaller. This makes it safe for use on sensitive electrical systems and equipment such as computers, printers, web servers, etc.

Touch points, otherwise known as high traffic surfaces, such as keyboards, door handles, staircase banisters, or the cab of a truck are quickly and easily disinfected with a single pass of the HYDRO-FOG®.

Hands OFF Application

The detachable hose allows users to effectively fog entire rooms nearly hands free. After removing the hose and powering the system on, step out of the room and let the HYDRO-FOG® do its job. In a matter of minutes, small to medium sized rooms will achieve total surface coverage. 

Why is Fogging Better?

Fogging is cost effective, less strenuous to transport, and requires less time than other traditional methods. 

Total Surface Area Coverage

The HYDRO-FOG® produces disinfecting particles of 5 microns or less, only 7.14% the size of a human hair. Due to its minute particles, every surface is completely covered, including places that might otherwise be overlooked or out of reach.

Eliminate Cross-Contamination

Eliminates cross-contamination issues present in other traditional cleaning methods such as disinfectant wipes.

Ease of Use

The HYDRO-FOG® alleviates the pains of traditional disinfecting. This removes the need to stoop under tables or climb ladders, saving your company time and resources.


Size (HxWxD) – 36x20x18

Flexible discharge hose with 2’ long plexiglass wand – 12’ long 3” diameter 

Heater Capacity  – 400 Watts

Liquid Operating Capacity – 6 liter 

Power Requirements  –  120VAC  @ 10 Amps

Why Sonicators?

Sonicators take advantage of a powerful natural phenomenon known as Cavitation.  Cavitation is the formation of vapor bubbles within a liquid at low-pressure regions that occur in places where the liquid has been accelerated to high velocities, as in the operation of centrifugal pumps, water turbines, and marine propellers. The cavities form when the pressure of the liquid has been reduced to its vapor pressure; they expand as the pressure is further reduced along with the flow and suddenly collapse when they reach regions of higher pressure. The sudden growth and collapse of these vapor cavities cause extreme pressure bubbles to shoot toward the water surface. Crossed-capillary waves on the water surface, generated by the vibration of the sonicator, interact with these extreme pressure bubbles, resulting in minute particles of water escaping at the crest of the wave. These sonicators have very few moving parts and do not require specific temperature or pressure conditions. This makes them a low-maintenance appliance.

Common uses for the HYDRO-FOG® include:

  • Commercial Remediation

  • Venues Large and Small

  • Hospitals

  • Long Term Care Facilities

  • Schools

  • Daycare facilities

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