The HYDRO-FOG® is a commercial grade, disinfectant fogging machine capable of utilizing all water-based, FDA–registered and approved-for-fogging cleaners. With its ultrasonic homogenizers, commonly referred to as “sonicators,” and toggle-enabled heating element, the HYDRO-FOG® provides tremendous versatility and potency. The use of a sonicator rather than the common atomizer gives the HYDRO-FOG® a competitive edge, creating particles of 5 microns or less in size. Compared to atomizer foggers which typically produce particles of around 20 microns in size, the use of sonicators drastically increases surface area coverage. When fogging chemicals such as peroxide, the heating element plays its part by effectively “activating” the peroxide, increasing its potency. The HYDRO-FOG® can be used across the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, healthcare and residential sectors.