In addition to the many analyses and services offered by Assured Bio, we have also developed our own patented technology. This technology includes the HYDRO-FOG® disinfection system, designed to make disinfecting offices, classrooms, and other small to medium size rooms easier and more effective.   

This commercial grade disinfectant fogging machine can utilize all water-based, EPA-registered, and approved fogging cleaners. With its ultrasonic homogenizers, commonly referred to as “sonicators,” and toggle-enabled heating element, the HYDRO-FOG® provides tremendous versatility and potency. Compared to atomizer foggers, which typically produce particles of around 20 microns in size, the use of sonicators drastically increases surface area coverage.

The HYDRO-FOG® produces disinfecting particles of 5 microns or less, only 7.14% the size of a human hair. Due to its minute particles, every surface is completely covered. Because of this, the HYDRO-FOG® can be used affectively across commercial, industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, and residential sectors.

This state-of-the-art fogger produces a “dry” disinfection fog defined by being made of particles of 15 microns or smaller. This makes it safe for use on sensitive electrical systems and equipment such as computers, printers, web servers, etc. Touch points, otherwise known as high traffic surfaces, such as keyboards, door handles, staircase banisters, or the cab of a truck are quickly and easily disinfected with a single pass of the HYDRO-FOG®. 

The detachable hose allows users to effectively fog entire rooms nearly hands free. After removing the hose and turning the system on, step out of the room and let the HYDRO-FOG® do its job. In just a few minutes, small to medium sized rooms will achieve total surface coverage.  

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