The WhisperCare unit is a small footprint air sampling systems that incorporates advanced electronics to provide a consistent and highly efficiency capturer system for airborne microbes, including mold, bacteria and virus (patent pending). The systems runs off of a low voltage power supply with a standard 110 wall outlet.

This system is fitted with two removable sampling cartridges or M-TRAPS. Each of these M-TRAPs has a unique identifier. The M-TRAPs are replaced every seven days. Assured Bio analyzes the cassettes with advanced DNA diagnostics. We identify a core group of problematic microbes and any other microbe species or strains that the facility has requested to be part of their program. The results are delivered via e-mail and through our web based analytics package.

When it comes to meeting the needs and requirements for your facility, Assured Bio plans to go above and beyond to provide protection from infection.